Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ten Tips for Planning the Perfect Event

Whether your event is a stall at a trade fair, or to launch a supercar, planning, preparation and good management will help to ensure your event goes smoothly and is a success.

1. If possible, try and visit the venue before hand, ideally when there is a similar event on, and gain an understanding of how the venue can work for you. If you need power to your stand, make sure you are situated close to plug sockets. If you need a computer, a big screen, running water or a cooker, then make sure your location is suitable for this. It is not going to be convenient to have long cables or pipes running across the main thoroughfares. Consider where the high volumes of traffic will be - is that near the entrance, near the refreshments, near the exit? Try and make sure you are in a high traffic area, as it's no good having the most exiting stall, with the best products if nobody can find you.

2. Rather than organise the event yourself, you may wish to leave the exhibition design and build to professionals and employ an Event Agency. An experienced Event Agency will be able to help you with everything from designing banners to hiring additional staff. For a product launch, Event Management is recommended, as the event agency can manage all aspects of the event, from inviting VIPs to sourcing balloons.

3. The type of event, and the type of product or service being promoted will help to determine the type of exhibition display stands required, For some events, a table and a few brochures will suffice, whereas for other events and products a much more specialised stand might be more appropriate.

4. Your product or service may benefit from being shown on an exhibition stand made to look just like a kitchen, or child's bedroom. A mock up of part of a hospital ward, or a cruise ship or other ambitious design can also be created if required. Products become more appealing if they are "in situ" as visitors can see what they look like and how they can be used. Products, such as windows, decorating supplies, curtains, and door handles, can be displayed using several "walls" or "doors", allowing different examples to be shown. Consider using grass, artificial snow, carpet, or wood as an unusual flooring, to make it more realistic.

Rather than try to design and manufacture your own exhibition stands, employing a specialist exhibition stand contractor will allow you to ensure that the stand is suitable, and meets your exact requirements.

5. Consider providing chairs or stools if visitors are expected to watch a demonstration, or the product takes a while to make or explain. If visitors are able to sit down whilst drinking a cup of your coffee, or watching a presentation on a large screen TV without feeling rushed, they will appreciate it more.

6. There is plenty of opportunity to utilise the company logo and contact details, on everything from mousemats to carrier bags, from serviettes to banners. With a bit of imagination, your logo and message could be seen by every visitor to the exhibition.

7. Having bins and separate recycling facilities for paper, cardboard and plastic will ensure that the stand looks tidy at all time. Ensuring that food and drink is tidied up after use, wrappers and cups disposed of, as well as keeping surfaces and floor clean will help keep your stand looking professional. Regularly fill up brochure racks, and ensure that there are sufficient product samples and company information available. People may walk past your stand, thinking that you've given out all your brochures, and there is nothing left for them to see.

8. Knowing your product, the market and your competition inside out can give you an advantage. Visitors may not be familiar with your brand, product, or your industry. Some visitors are naturally very inquisitive and will want to know more. You might just turn one of these visitors into a customer.

9. Even insignificant gestures like a bowl of sweets, or a tray of drinks can help make your stand more popular. Useful complementary gifts such as key rings, pens, mousemats, umbrellas and coasters are likely to be used, and will help to keep your brand and product fresh in people's minds long after the exhibition.

10. Depending on the type of event, a free prize draw, and a mailing list are additional methods to obtain prospective new customers. Special "show only" offers can help boost sales and make sure your brand is well publicised.

Visitors will be able to quickly get an impression of your company from the graphics, the event staff, and the stand itself. Using a dedicated Exhibition Stand Contractor and Event Agency can make your company literally stand out from the crowd!

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